Almost time for Inktober 2019

Well, it’s almost time for Inktober 2019, and despite my lack of enthusiasm at the end of last year’s, I’ve decided to engage in another round of stress and depression. As deftly observed by a bunch of musical artists who are mostly a mystery to me (yes, I’m old), I’m a sucker for pain (yes, I’m an idiot) (and yes, I liked Suicide Squad).

Mind you, I’ve decided to try and alleviate some of the former by doing some prep work for October, since the prompt list was released a while back, which allowed me to at least do some thumbnails and work out ideas. Last year, it was a last minute decision, so everything was done on the fly, more-or-less. I was happy with a few of the pieces, but they were mostly pretty mediocre to downright bad. One of the pieces I liked was for the prompt spell, but I thought I could do better, so I recently did a re-draw. Not sure if it’s better or not. Oh well.

Inktober 2018 - spell (version 2)
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