Fundoshi no hi (i.e. Japanese Loincloth Day)

Valentine’s Day in Japan is weird. Well, I’m sure it’s normal to the Japanese, but to those of us from more Western countries, February 14th is not so much a celebration of romance pushed on the public by various corporations, but more of a forced chocolate giving exercise for the OLs of the land. It’s still pushed on the public by various corporations, so there’s some connective tissue.

Fortunately, there is another holiday in Japan which is much more worthy of celebration: Japanese Loincloth Day, AKA Fundoshi No Hi (ふんどしの日). Yes, this is a real thing, at least according to the Japan Fundoshi Association (which is also apparently a real thing). According to the JFA

Although 14th of February is known for Valentines day in many countries, it is also a Fundoshi day in Japan. On valentines day, people celebrate by sending chocolates, flowers and messages to their loved ones to honor their love for each other, however in Japan, we send Fundoshi to the ones we love.

As far as I know, this is a blatant lie. I’ve never seen anyone in Japan exchange a loincloth ever, let alone on February fourteenth. Veracity of the JFA aside, I did a piece in honour of Fundoshi Day. This is the uncensored version, as Instagram and Dribbble seem to be boob adverse. Or nipple adverse anyway.

Fundoshi No Hi

Happy belated Fundoshi Day!

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