Inktober 2018: Week 2 recap

Inktober week two is in the can, and, honestly, I’m a little surprised I haven’t bailed yet. Go me. I guess.

Things I’ve learned so far

  1. I’m getting faster, I think, which was one of my goals. That being said, I’ve gone from sloth to sloth with a Monster Energy Drink. Baby steps.
  2. Muscle memory is strong: despite my desire to avoid using undo, at this point the undo gesture has become an almost unconscious action – I really need to be aware of what I’m going (which sounds odd, but…) when working on a piece. I’ve slipped up a lot, but trying to avoid relying on undo has made me be not as sloppy when working.
  3. I need to push myself farther outside of my comfort zone: all the drawings I’ve done so far have been very figure-based, and very human figure-based at that. So… unless I run out of time and / or ideas (which has happened more often than I care to admit), I’m going to try a landscape, still-life, or whatever. Not totally confident that this will happen.

Day 8: Star

Inktober 2018 - star

If anything could be considered a cult-classic in DC, it’s James Robinson’s 90s run of Starman. Vastly underrated character. But I digress – I’m generally happy how this turned out. That damned star with the speed lines turned out to the most time intensive thing about the drawing.

Day 10: Flowing

Inktober 2018 - flowing

I’m pretty shocked at how well “flowing” turned out. One of the few things I got out of my unversity art courses was something said by one of the instructors: If you can get even twenty-five percent of what you can see in your head on to the canvas, that’s a success. So I’d say this is about a fourty percent-er. Might be due for a redraw and expansion in the future.

Day 12: Whale

Inktober 2018 - whale

Yeah… I know I could have just drawn a whale. Yet somehow this Dark Knight parody popped out. The thing which makes this one memorable for me is that I couldn’t decide what to do so I started the drawing pretty late, so I went to bed way too late.

Day 14: Clock

Inktober 2018 - clock

This is another one that turned out pretty solid. I was going to add rain to the picture, but I’m trying to do things “right” for Inktober, so that ruled out using a blend layer. Ultimately, it would have taken too long for me do make it look half way decent, that was nixed for the moment.

Half way there – two more weeks to go….

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