Nice Boobs Day in Japan

Today is November eleventh, Pocky Day in Japan. Which is fine. I guess. I like Pocky. But a far more important day occurred a few days ago on the eighth: Nice Boobs Day (いいおっぱいの日)!

Japanese trivia of the day

Why is it Nice Boobs Day, you may be asking? It’s based on a pun – as all good holidays are. So: writing November eleventh as 11/08 gives us the start of the convoluted wordplay, in Japanese that is. Visually, 11 looks like 「いい」, or “ii” – that is, “good” in English.

Next up, 0 looks like “o”, which has the same pronunciation as the character 「お」. So we’re up to the Old MacDonald-ish “ii o.”

Finally, 8. Japanese has a bunch of different ways to pronounce numbers which is far too complex (i.e. needlessly annoying) to go into here. The basic way is “hachi”, written as 「はち」 in hiragana. The first character, “ha” (は), can be pronunced like “pa” if you add a maru (ぱ). Personally, I think this where things start to get stretched a little thin, but I’m not a native speaker, so what do I know. Anyway, we now have “ii opa”. A couple of further small tweaks and we end up with “ii oppai”, or, “nice boobs.” Hopefully, this bit of knowledge will come in useful. I can’t imagine how, but now you know.

Anyway, I did a quick drawing of DC’s Starfire to celebrate this most holy of days. I know the kids are all about the version from that (mediocre) early 2000s Teen Titans cartoon, but since I grew with the series by George Perez and Marv Wolfman, this version is the real Starfire for me. Although I did tone down the giant hair a little.


I posted this to my Instagram on Nice Boobs Day, so it’s a little late to be posting here, but Nice Boobs are too important to be contained to a single day. Or contained by straining fabric.

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